Amazing! She listened to everything I told her my body needed and did just that and more. Very knowledgeable and professional, while super nice and informative. Highly recommend her!  
Really liked the attention paid to all the areas affected by my bad ankle. Feel great today. Can't wait for next appointment!!

It was amazing to see the difference between my first and second session.  There was visible progress made, even right in the session.  It made me even more confident in the process. 

Jessica H.  Oct 2017


My back hasn't felt like that in so long! Such an amazing experience and knowledgeable person! The music and aromatherapy were great!
This is a wonderful choice for a professional, multi-modality massage at a reasonable price. The space is simple and disarming, and the the practitioner is very talented.

"Rochelle is an Award Winning Massage Therapist"